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Book Review – Someone I Used To Know

Book Title: Someone I Used To Know

Author: Paige Toon

Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Fiction

Date Finished: Read cover to cover on Sept 25th 2021

Rating: ★★★★★

Toon has a phenomenal way of writing that grips you from page one. This is the first book by her that I have read and I have no doubt I will be adding more of her stories to my collection. She has a fantastic way of describing scenes, appearances, backstories, emotions, and mannerisms that really bring the characters to life.

I absolutely adore Theo, Leah and George. I felt so connected to them and their lives as I read. Toon’s choice to swap between ‘then’ (when they were younger) and ‘now’ (present day) is really effective for showing how these characters and their relationships have developed as they have aged. The family Leah comes from is adorable and I admire the way these characters feel so realistic; seeing them grow and change was something I really enjoyed. Nothing in their stories felt rushed, allowing me time to get to know these characters for who they are and understand their experiences. (Theo has also become one of my favourite book characters).

‘Someone I Used To Know’ contains a multitude of twists and turns that kept me fully invested. Once I began to read this book, it was practically impossible for me to put it down. This story and these characters are sure to stay with me forever as this book quickly became one of my favourites! This is definitely one I will be recommending to people in years to come.

– Skye